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Hello there! I am a student journalist at the University of Georgia. I am currently in my fourth and final semester at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. During my first semester, I learned about news dissemination as well as how to write news stories. I also experimented with using multimedia elements to enhance my stories, including writing broadcast scripts and creating mini broadcast packages. In my second semester, I honed in on two specific journalism skills: photography and video production. Last semester, I learned how to produce a multimedia journalism story and I produced my first long-form documentary photojournalism story. This semester, I am fine-tuning my journalistic skills in my capstone journalism class and my advanced photojournalism class.

I am the fall 2019 photo editor for the University of Georgia's independent student newspaper, The Red & Black. As a staff photographer for this newspaper, I had opportunities to cover a wide range of stories such as sports, feature portraits, concerts and local events. Over the summer, I gained practical experience in the writing and copy editing world as the culture editor. Now, as photo editor, I am taking the technical skills I learned both as a staff photographer and in my classes and applying them to the journalistic model of a functioning newsroom. My skills are constantly being critiqued as my professors and fellow editors are pushing for me to be the best photojournalist I can be. Additionally, I have been able to experience first-hand the strict deadlines and high-stress situations that inevitably accompany every news organization.

Before deciding to focus on The Red & Black, I was a photographer for the University of Georgia's yearbook, Pandora. I was also a photographer for Ampersand, a seasonal magazine run by the Red&Black. I worked with writers one-on-one and primarily shot feature stories for this publication. Both Pandora and Ampersand provided extra photography practice. Additionally, I spent a year as the director of photography for Breaking the Shackles, a student-run organization at UGA that serves to increase the awareness of as well as equip college students in the fight against human trafficking. This organization is a practical way for me to use the skills I have learned to advocate for social justice issues I am passionate about.

After some time studying the profession of journalism and getting involved in student organizations, I am confident that I want to pursue photojournalism as my main career field. I still plan to write, as that passion is what led me to journalism to begin with, but photography will be my primary focus. I am excited to complete my degree at Grady!




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Athens, Georgia

(610) 406 3600

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